Vera Omwocha

Verah Omwocha

Verah Omwocha is a Kenyan writer, Book Editor and Reviewer. She believes words are the magic that hold life together.

Verah Omwocha has published stories on Sugarpulp MAGAZINE, The African Writer, Kalahari Review among other stories in print for the Kenyan School market and children stories. She runs a blog “Books and Life” where she reviews books.

‘The Crescent Moon’ won her the 2017 Tito Livio Award for Historical Fiction organized by the Italian Institute of Culture in Nairobi and Sugarpulp.

She is part of The Writes Guild Keya.

The Writers Guild-Kenya

The Write Guild Kenya is an award-winning writers’ organization, committed to serve, educate and grow authors aspiring to use their writing & reading as a tool to be and do good.

Through various education and empowering programs, they works unconditionally towards truly growing writers and encouraging reading in our families.

Using personalized, friendly and custom-designed models, their organization provides a single platform for true growth in love, service and personal development for the good of all.

Writers Guild Kenya history

By God’s inspiration, Writers Guild Kenya was founded as a Students’ Club on 16th June, 2014 in Kenyatta University by ‘the Father of Writers’ – Gabriel Dinda.

In his quest to grow in writing (his passion), he was met with challenges and hence decided to solve them sustainably by creating a family of Writers.

By then it was called ‘Writers Guild’ until March 2015 when it was formally registered as an Incubation Centre and Publisher in Kenya under the name Writers Guild-Kenya (WGK).

Since then, WGK has acted as a home of writers bonded with the love of a family and the goal of uniting a people. The family aims for one thing; to grow writing and encourage reading in a bid to serve God and humanity.