Marco Piva

Marco Piva

Marco Piva, Italian-born Scotsman (kinda), translator, actor, writer, bass player, wrestling daft, rugby enthusiast, ghost hunter, comics reader, book reviewer…


Marco is a wonderful person and an excellent translator. When I toured Italy, he did a marevelous job during all the Q & A events. I was in very good hands and would recommend him to anyone needing a translator. Also a very personable chap! (Victor Gischler)

Marco Piva Dittrich is one of the most important translatosr in Italy. Focused on crime-fiction, he translated legendary pulp-crime novelists like Victor Gischler, Allan Guthrie and Ray Banks among others. He is also a terrific writer himself and must be read (Matteo Strukul)

Author @ LA CASE Books, translator @ thebigword, Safety Steward/Event Staffer presso G4S e Head of International Media (Italy) @ Insane Championship Wrestling.

Literary and technical translator and interpreter. Manager/Team Leader with mediation and motivational skills, always driving towards innovation and with a focus on quality. Teacher and trainer of diverse subjects. Experience in recruiting.

Specialities: translation, localization, teaching, project management, mediation, training, quality assurance.

Skuld serie

Togheter with Matteo Strukul he wrote the “Skuld serie” for LA CASE Books: