The True Stories of The Monster of Florence

by Jacopo Pezzan and Giacomo Brunoro

“A must read guaranteed to give newbies a clear and complete understanding of the Monster’s murders and of the various investigative teories. The audiobook could also be a great reference for experts who believe they know everything on the subject, as it uncovers valuable clues and revelations about the murders and the investigations” (Gabriele Basilica, Thriller Magazine).
“Those passionate about true crime stories will certainly appreciate the analysis of the murders of the Monster of Florence. Brunoro and Pezzan write about everything, from Vincenzo Spalletti to the Sardinian Lead, from Pietro Pacciani to the picnicking friends, and finally from the esoteric theory to the Narducci story. A wonderful map to find your way through a deep mistery (Maurizio Di Giangiacomo, Alto Adige).
This is the story of the crimes of one that came to be known as “The Monster of Florence”.
We refer to an an event that has tested all criminology theories on serial killers, to the point where we can state that there are traditional crimes, serial killers, and then there is The Monster of Florence.

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