Canossa and the Lands of Matilda

Canossa and the Lands of Matilda, by Società Matilde di Canossa.

Canossa and the Lands of Matilda, by Società Matilde di Canossa. An audiobook published by LA CASE Books and Altair4 Multimedia.

The story of the countess Matilda and her Lands:

  • The History
  • The Canossa (origins, family, estates)
  • The People
  • Matilda of Canossa
  • Henry IV
  • Gregory VII
  • Henry V
  • The Castles
  • The Parish Churches
  • The Apennine Settlements
  • The Landscape, Matilda’s Way
  • Arts and Crafts: L’ars canusina
  • Food and Wine.

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Matilda of Tuscany

Matilda of Tuscany (1046 – 24 July 1115) was a powerful feudal Margravine of Tuscany, ruler in northern Italy and the chief Italian supporter of Pope Gregory VII during the Investiture Controversy; in addition, she was one of the few medieval women to be remembered for her military accomplishments, thanks to which she was able to dominate all the territories north of the Papal States.

In 1076 she came into possession of a substantial territory that included present-day Lombardy, Emilia, the Romagna and Tuscany, and made the castle of Canossa, in the Apennines south of Reggio, the centre of her domains. Between 6 and 11 May 1111 she was crowned Imperial Vicar and Vice-Queen of Italy by Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor at the Castle of Bianello (Quattro Castella, Reggio Emilia).[1]

Sometimes called la Gran Contessa (“the Great Countess”) or Matilda of Canossa after her ancestral castle of Canossa, Matilda was one of the most important figures of the Italian Middle Ages. She lived in a period of constant battles, intrigues and excommunications, and was able to demonstrate an extraordinary force,[clarification needed] even enduring great pain and humiliation, showing an innate leadership ability (read more on Wikipedia).

Canossa and the Lands of Matilda, the audiobook

Narrated by: Adrian Dickinson

Length: 11 mins

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Altair4 Multimedia

Canossa and the Land of Matilda, audiobook by LA CASE Books and ALTAIR4 Multimedia

Altair4 Multimedia derives from the eponymous group of artists founded in 1986. Its name is like a program manifesto for the company’s aspirations and mission: Altair4 is the Forbidden Planet in the 1956 film by the same name by Fred McLeod Wilcox, where dreams and desires can become true not through esoteric magic but through the extraordinary progress of human intellective abilities.

Beinf the offspring of a culture which sees the future as an opportunity and a challenge, its founding partners have established Altair4 with the aim of creating a high-quality innovative brand as regards design for new media, following up on what has already been done, for other production sectors, by well-known brands and by the great masters of Italian industrial design.