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Giacomo Brunoro and Jacopo Pezzan, LA CASE Books founders

LA CASE Books was founded in Los Angeles in 2010 as an editorial project between Italy and the United States. From the beginning, LA CASE Books operated on the digital market: “great stories at a small price” is our philosophy.

LA CASE Books is one of the first publishing companies in the world that produced and sold ebooks and audiobooks specifically made and designed for digital readers. The length of our texts, our style and the choice of the subjects make them perfect products for the most modern readers.

An international team that works (and has fun!) everywhere. Read Hard, Party Harder!

From Padua to Los Angeles

Both from Padua, Italy, Pezzan and Brunoro met at the high school in the early 90s. A friendship that over the years has turned into a business that in 2020 has reached the important milestone of the first 10 years of activity.

At the beginning of 2010 Pezzan, who had moved to Los Angeles, understood that the digital is disruptive to publishing market. So when in Italy it was not possible to buy ebooks on iTunes, and Kindle Store was active only in the United States, LA CASE Books began to publish ebooks and audiobooks in Italian and English on the international market.

LA CASE Books, today

We have published eBooks, audiobooks, audio-documentaries, eComics. We have a catalog of around 600 titles in 7 different languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Polish.

Meet our team

Jacopo Pezzan
Jacopo Pezzan
General Manager
Giacomo Brunoro
Giacomo Brunoro
Editor in Chief

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