A new digital guide to discover the history, art and heritage of the city of Romeo and Juliet.

There is no world for me outside the walls of Verona, except purgatory, torture, and hell itself. So to be banished from Verona is like being banished from the world….

Act 3, Romeo and Juliet by W. Shakespeare.

Verona by G. Conton. Discover ITALY, the complete collection by Medoacus Maior & LA CASE Books

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Verona, guide to the city

Verona, intro

City of love, portal to Italy, homeland of illustrious Latin writers, epicentre of Roman and Gothic architecture, seat of kingdoms and seigniories, extraordinary military stronghold, industrial and agricultural hub, a unicum of culture and art. Rarely has so much distinction been been attributed to a city of such modest size. 

The best summing up of the magnificence of Verona is conveyed in the words of the poet Marziale (AD 100) in the first description of the city (Iconogra a rateriana, IX sec.): Magna Verona, where the Latin magna encompasses in one word “great, illustrious, grandiose and magnificent”.

The city’s pleasant location – sheltered between the offshoots of the foothills and the course of the river Adige, near the crossroads on the plain and the main routes to northern Europe – has made it suitable for human settlement since ancient times.

Scholars speak of populations of Euganei, Rhaetians, Veneti and Cenomani Gauls, settling on high ground on the slopes of the San Pietro Hills…

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