A Complete Guide to the Restaurants in Veneto

veneto&sapori is a ebook which aims to become the reference guide to find the best food and wine producers of our territory.

We do not assess but we just tell about wines, restaurants and tasty things, starting from involved men, families and their passion.

veneto&sapori is the answer to all food and wine lovers who are looking for a reliable guide helping them to discover tastes and smells of our territory.

Every day we are travelling among men and territories linked to tastes of Veneto. The articles proposed in this ebook are born from a never-ending research of a professional journalists team, who share their passion for good food and good wine.

Our aim is to talk to all web user to let them know and appreciate the food and wine culture of Veneto, through an ideal and joyful itinerary among “the houses” of wines and tastes which are part of the history of our region.


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