The Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon, by Vera Omwocha

The Crescent Moon is a story of ethnic violence in Kenya before the 1992 presidential elections. The life of peaceful peasants is devastated by tribal struggles for power and land.

A woman and her daughter helplessly watch the senseless violence in silence and portray the pain of the victims.

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Vera Omwocha

The Crescent Moon by Vera Omwocha

Vera Omwocha is a Kenyan writer, Book Editor and Reviewer. She believes words are the magic that hold life together.

Vera has published stories on Sugarpulp MAGAZINE, The African Writer, Kalahari Review among other stories in print for the Kenyan School market and children stories. She runs a blog where she reviews books.

‘The Crescent Moon’ won her the 2017 Tito Livio Award for Historical Fiction organized by the Italian Institute of Culture in Nairobi and Sugarpulp.

The Crescent Moon, intro

Darkness was setting in with an unusual coldness on that Friday night of October, 1992.  Frogs croaked and crickets chirped. “Baraka, lean in. Curl your legs,” Chebet told her three-year-old son. For the four days they had spent on the maize farm plantations, he thought it a hide and seek game, which he enjoyed, save for the cold.  This night he was quiet, faithfully following his mother’s orders. 

The little boy held on tightly to his mother’s bosom. The game did not taste interesting anymore.  Mwaniki looked through the spaces connecting the plantation to the outside world; the sun seemed way on its way to its resting place. He watched the orangeness of it fade out. 

In its place came a redness; a redness that left a certain fear and heaviness in his chest. He rubbed off the thin lines of sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand. Chebet watched the forehead outline on her husband’s face. The hairline seemed to be taking a back seat. 

Perhaps the hours he spent tilling under the scorching sun had clearly not handled him as well.  Just then, the husbands’ eyes caught those of his wife […].

>> The Crescent Moon, Read on Kindle