Stop Skuld!

Chimaera: Anti-Nazi Squad Vol. II, by Matteo Strukul & Marco Piva

Matteo Strukul has a brilliant style and a rare imagination. I heartily welcome him
to the God-cursed and Devil-blessed brotherhood of mad novelists! (Tim Willocks).

Gerico and Ishmael, two commandos of the allied special forces managed to infiltrate the Nazi lines and free Skuld, the ultimate weapon against the ruthless Nazi army.

But who or what is really Skuld? Why this almost suicidal mission is so important for the fate of the Second World War? Why an elite troop of Nazis is looking for Skuld and his two companions?

In this new chapter of the serie signed by Matteo Strukul and Marco Piva we will finally have the answers to all these questions and above all we will find out that “Skuld” is not “unique”: even the Nazis have in their ranks such a powerful weapon…

Stop Skuld! is an action thriller that gives the reader a story full of adrenaline, blood and strong emotions typical of great adventures.