Stop Skuld!

Stop Skuld! Chimaera: Anti-Nazi Squad Vol. II, by Matteo Strukul & Marco Piva

Stop Skuld! is an action thriller that gives the reader a story full of adrenaline, blood and strong emotions typical of great adventures.

Matteo Strukul has a brilliant style and a rare imagination. I heartily welcome him to the God-cursed and Devil-blessed brotherhood of mad novelists! (Tim Willocks).

Gerico and Ishmael, two commandos of the allied special forces managed to infiltrate the Nazi lines and free the ultimate weapon against the ruthless Nazi army.

But who or what is really Skuld? Why this almost suicidal mission is so important for the fate of the Second World War? Why an elite troop of Nazis is looking for Skuld and his two companions?

In this new chapter of the serie signed by Matteo Strukul and Marco Piva we will finally have the answers to all these questions and above all we will find out that “Skuld” is not “unique”: even the Nazis have in their ranks such a powerful weapon…

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Stop Skuld! is an action thriller that gives the reader a story full of adrenaline, blood and strong emotions typical of great adventures.

Chapter 1

Tubes, pipes, coloured stuff in test-tubes, iron helmets, steel tables. Tools for crazy demiurges. Leather straps, drool, vomit, repressed rage exploding in my throat. My mouth is literally foaming. The blade of a knife touches my eye. Pain invades me, nourishes me. That, and hate. Twin brothers in my life.

Before this. My family, wiped out. My sister’s flower print dress drenched in blood. My father’s face, broken forever. My mother, violated. The end of flesh. The end of the world. Rough voices scratching me with their hate. The voices of slaughter. The voices of massacre.

I’m trying to wriggle out, to snap my bones and get rid of the leather straps. Neon lights cutting the lab in an infernal kaleidoscope. Behind a glass panel, the faces of my torturers. They’re smiling. They’re already imagining their next meal. The devastation of my body. And my mind.

Bastards. They’re smiling. They’re waiting to see how their guinea pig will react. They made their fucking calculations, they have theories. Now, they want to see if they actually work. They’re using me to prove them.

I’m locked inside a glass shell that I can’t breach. A fucking capsule. Iron arms clawing at the air in this lab, with sterile needles instead of fingers. Sterile needles that stare at me like mutant nails. My eye’s bleeding, the blood fills my world. Red. Liquid, blinding. I try to scream, but my voice bounces back after hitting the glass. I try again, but it’s pointless.

Then, I feel something that makes the whole lab shake. Like a terrible earthquake. No, that’s not it. I try to look around with the only eye I have left. The pain is unbearable. I scream. Again. My scream is joined by a growl. My whole body is tense to the point of snapping. The leather straps are cutting into my wrists, my ankles. They’re digging dip into my flesh, cutting it with rage. My rage. My rage against me. But in the end… I see it. […]

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