Murders in Italy

Murders in Italy, by Jacopo Pezzan & Giacomo Brunoro

The incredible story of the two italian most high-profiles cases in recent history: the story of The Monster of Florence, a serial killer who targeted unmarried couples and terrorized Florence for two decades, and the Amanda Knox‘ case.

Murders in Italy by Jacopo Pezzan and Giacomo Brunoro

The Monster of Florence

“A must read guaranteed to give newbies a clear and complete understanding of the Monster’s murders and of the various investigative teories. The audiobook could also be a great reference for experts who believe they know everything on the subject, as it uncovers valuable clues and revelations about the murders and the investigations” (Gabriele Basilica, Thriller Magazine).

Brunoro and Pezzan write about everything, from the Sardinian Lead to Pietro PAcciani and the picnicking friends, from the satanic-esoteric theory to the Narducci story. A detailed map to find the way through a deep mystery.

Amanda Knox and the Perugia Murder

Who killed Meredith Kercher? Was it truly an erotic game gone bad? What pushed Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito to become involved in such an ugly story of sex and drugs that eventually led to a macabre homicide?

Despite the initial verdict, the Italian and international public opinion is widely divided: many are those who think that Amanda and Raffaele are the victims of a miscarriage of justice. Images of the couple have been seen around the world, on the web and on TV screens, creating a true media sensation.

With a thorough examination of the technical and scientific evidence, the authors draft a balanced analysis of the facts that highlights the inconsistencies of an incident that still has too many unanswered questions.

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