Find Skuld!

Chimaera: Anzi Nazi Squad Vol. 1, by Matteo Strukul & Marco Piva

When you read Matteo Strukul, wear something washable. The action is non-stop, and the blood flies off the page (Linwood Barclay).

Matteo Strukul is one of the most important new voices in Italian crime fiction and must be read (Joe Lansdale).

April 1945. Richard “Ishmael” MacLachlan, a member of the Scottish Commandos, and Marco “Gerico” Caregnato, an Alpino who joined the Partisans, are coerced to become the élite members of an international task force.

Officially dead, they are dispatched in the middle of a Nazi-controlled area with a bloodstained map and a single order, something that may cost them more than they are ready to sacrifice.
They must FIND SKULD!