About Us

Photo © Pietro Bellini

We are the ones who, for years, have traveled uncomfortably with large heavy books that filled half of our suitcases and bags.

We are the ones who carried tens of pounds worth of dictionaries and textbooks on our shoulders, crushed by the weight of culture.

We are those who, once our bookshelves ran out of space, began to fill all the rooms with books and comics to the point that moving freely around our houses had become impossible.

We are among the few publishers who are ready to explore the full potential of modern technology because the space in our homes is shrinking while the accumulation of objects in our lives does seem to never end.

We are those who one day asked themselves if they have the right to pollute the planet for the sake of hearing the rustling of paper between his fingers.

We are not alone and if you are reading these lines you may be one of us.

The Future Starts Now

LA CASE was founded in Los Angeles in 2010 as an editorial project between Italy and the United States.
From the beginning, LA CASE operated on the digital editing market “ notorious stories at a small price” this is our philosophy.

LA CASE is one of the first editing companies in the world that produced and sold books and audiobooks specifically made and designed for digital readers. The length of our texts, our style and the choice of the subjects make them perfect products for the most modern readers.